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Course curriculum

    1. WELCOME


    3. Set up your INEA Google Folder

    4. How to use the Interactive Action Plan docs


    6. Getting through the Program

    7. Get in the right mindset - INEA MANIFESTO


    9. Complete the New Member Survey




    2. Identify Your Life Values

    3. Craft Your Life Vision & Goals

    4. Develop the Right Mindset for Business


    6. Determine Your Community Needs

    7. Define Your Client & Their Needs

    8. Determine Your Business Niche

    9. STEP 3 » SOLUTION ASSESSMENT: Define Your Product/Service Offering

    10. Determine Your Product/Service

    11. Define Your Product/Service Deliverables

    12. Determine Your Pricing

    1. Milestone Feedback


    3. Business Plan Workbook Guide

    4. Create Your Business Plan

    5. Create Your Operations Plan

    6. Create Your Compliance Plan


    8. Marketing Strategy Overview & Workbook

    9. Map out Your Customer Journey

    10. Create Your Story Brand

    11. Create Your 12-week Plan

    12. Create Your Launch Plan

    13. Create Your Marketing Plan

    14. Create Your CRM


    16. Map Out Your Growth Plan

    17. Create Your Social Impact Plan

    18. Create Your Content Strategy


    2. Structure & Form Your Business

    3. Name Your Business

    4. Create Your Initial Business Assets: Domain name, Email address, Phone number & Address

    5. Register Your Business Locally

    6. Register Your Business Federally

    7. Other Governmental Filings

    8. Obtain insurances

    9. Prepare Your Business Documents - Contracts, Templates, Forms

    10. Prepare Your Cashflow/Accounting System (Business Bank Account, Payments, Accounting)

    11. Create Your Other Business Assets: Bio, Logo, Business Cards, Brochures, etc.

    12. Create Your Business Landing Page / Website


    14. Review & Update Your Launch Plan

    15. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

    16. Launch Your Business

    17. STEP 9: MARKETING INTENSIVE 1 - Design your Niche-specific Marketing Assets

    18. Establish Your Market

    19. Craft & Memorize Your Attractive Message

    20. Create the Media to Reach Your Market I: BLOGS & SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT

    21. Create the Media to Reach Your Market II: PUBLISH YOUR BOOK 🎉

    22. STEP 10: MARKETING INTENSIVE II - Create Your Continuous Client Pipeline

    23. Create Your Client Capture System (Convert Prospects to Leads)

    24. Create Your Client Nurture System (Convert Cold Leads to Warm Leads)

    25. Create Your Client Conversion System (Convert Warm Leads to Satisfied Clients)

    26. STEP 11: MARKETING INTENSIVE 111 - Create Your Efficient Care Delivery System

    27. Onboard Your First Client(s)

    28. Over-deliver World Class Service

    29. Stimulate Referrals from your Existing Clients


    31. Review Your Weekly Marketing KPIs

    32. Create Your Client Feedback System

    33. Establish Your Marketing Operating System

    1. Present Proof & Apply for VIP Entry

    1. 🎉NEXT STEPS: Getting your CEUs & Certification as an Independent Nurse Entrepreneur

About this course

  • 76 lessons

Program Testimonials

We have produced quite a few happy nurse business owners

“This lady and I have never met in person, maybe we would pass each other on the street without noticing, but somehow, throughout 2022 she has managed to be one of my best source of support and encouragement in these entrepreneurial streets llol.

She is always just a text, email, zoom or phone call away, and always very responsive. I have gotten out of her way more than I paid for. Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with me 😂, but her passion for what she does speaks volumes. Thank you Quinta Caylor for being my best 'stranger-coach-mentor-sounding board-friendpreneur'.

You are greatly appreciated!! Looking forward to continuing our journey. I wish for you and yours nothing but the best for years to come. — with Quinta Caylor.”

Karamel Preces Cousins

“I spent 5 years thinking about the business I wanted to start but never acted on it. I finally decided to go for it after following Quinta on fb for quite some time and seeing all the free information and tips she freely and graciously shared. I just knew she would be so helpful and who I wanted to work with.

I am so glad I found her and this program! It is super through, easy to understand, well put together and offers so many resources and opportunities to ask for help whenever you come across something difficult to work through. Quinta and her team are more than willing to help and want to see you succeed!

I would 100% recommend this program to anyone wanting to start a business.”

Amber Rose

“I am really enjoying the details in this program. The structure makes a lot of sense and I understand the reasons for it all. I would definitely recommend to a friend”

Darlene Jones

“Quinta Caylor, just want to thank you for all these resources you are providing for us that I never would have known existed. Thank you for pouring out your wealth of knowledge to me. Thank you for taking your time to address all my concerns during our sessions. You are God sent.

To my fellow nursepreneurs, schedule a time with Quinta if you've not and you will not regret it. ”

Peace O.

“I am grateful to have launched my business to a point where I am already getting a client. All my success this far is thanks to a kind relentless, dutifully firm and unwavering lady Quinta Caylor. I urge anyone needing guidance on hitting the start button of your Nurse Entrepreneur goal to not hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Quinta Caylor. Best!”

Ambo Anyangwe

...and more

“This review is very personal. I met Quinta Caylor through Facebook last May 2022; I was fed up and just did not know which direction to take with my practice. In January 2021 I decided to step out on faith and start my own CCM practice. I hired consultants who ran and operated very successful medical practices, but I soon learned that they knew very little about the Medicare CCM program or the value-based programs associated with CCM.

While looking on Facebook one day I ran across this lady with this very interesting story, she was so transparent about her life and gave me so much hope in my personal life. A few weeks later this same lady, her name was Quinta Caylor was talking about consulting as a retired Director of Nursing and providing Chronic Care Management services to the elderly. So, I reached out to Quinta Caylor through a direct message, she gave me a link to her Calendly and I scheduled an appointment. I met with Quinta and talked to her for about an hour, she listened intently as I told her everything that I have done to try to get to CCM, and all the money I had spent and lost because I kept hitting brick walls. Quinta Caylor told me she could help me. SHE told me that there was a such thing as Chronic care management but because it was so new many people did not know that it exists, and that I was very blessed to be implementing my program so early.

Quinta helped me put together a marketing plan, and kept me accountable to it, we met weekly and by week 4 I had signed my first group of patients up for our CCM program. I asked Quinta how much more money did I owe her and she said Shemika I want to see clients in your business, I want to see results, you’ve paid me my fee and I’m going to be here with you don’t worry about money. ”

“We worked through the summer, she helped me put together my job description for care managers, she helped me write out my referral letter to the health plans to get their authorization to see their patients, she set up my beautiful professional website, and taught me how to navigate the website to add or take away what I didn’t want, she supports me on social media consistently, she understands the social media algorithm, she taught me about the Chamber of commerce and how they could help my business.

Quinta is on the other side of the United States and she helped me find the perfect Chamber of Commerce for my business in my county, I have since met many friends in this chamber, I do workshops, webinars and am getting so much exposure and support through the LA South Chamber of Commerce.

Quinta has helped my practice elevate to the next level. I always tell her that GOD himself sent her to me. I don’t know if she believe me, but I believe this with every ounce of my being. I honestly do not know how I will ever be able to repay her. She is the best Mentor, Coach, Consultant, Researcher, Digital Creator, Business Woman I personally know.

This is my experience with Quinta, she is my Business Coach and I consider her a life long friend, I can’t wait to meet her in person. Thanks Lady I appreciate you...

Shemika Carter RN, MSN, AGNP-C TruCare Telehealth & House Calls Practice”

Shemika Carter, NP

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